The Amazing Liquid Gold

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The consumption of Olive Oil is continuously increasing (even far beyond the Mediterranean Basin) as people are becoming more conscious of its several benefits. Extracted from the fruit of the olive tree, Olive Oil is pure, amazing oil that gives comfort and meaning to life. It has been used in different forms as food, medicines, fuel and cosmetic. Just of recent, Olive Oil has been found to be one of the healthiest foods you can get to improve your resistance to many life- threatening illnesses. No wonder why some people call it a “Liquid Gold”.

Is Olive Oil Not Fat ?

Olive Oil cannot be compared with other fats and oils. It is the only fat or oil that is produced without refining or any unnatural processes. Thus, it retains all its significant mineral and vitamin goodness. It is best to consider it as a fruit juice.

What Makes Olive Oil Different?

Olive Oil is rich in mono-saturated fats, phenolic and anti-oxidizing compounds, which helps in the considerable drop of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) while also improving good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). It is rich in Anti-Inflammatory ingredients, easy to digest, helps your body assimilate vitamins and minerals plus aid the digestive system by stimulating the gall bladder. Olive oil also has naturally occurring chemicals that can help reduce the occurrence and severity of asthma and arthritis. Aside all these, another amazing benefit of olive oil can be seen is its ability to reduce blood pressure.

Who produces the best Olive Oil?

Due to its increase in demand, producers across the globe are now resorting to more unnatural and mechanical production methods. Even at times, those oils labeled Extra Virgin can be of less quality with a reduced acidity level, since that is a criterion for the Extra Virgin mark. Furthermore, this demand has resulted in more cost-effective production methods via increased automation in bigger factories. These methods result in a less nutritious product.

But one thing is very certain…

There are still reputable producers of genuine olive oil and OliveOilsLand is one of them. They have been producing premium Olive Oil by themselves for years and can guarantee you genuine and unrefined nature of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Which grade of Olive Oil is the best?

  1. Olive Oil comes from different countries with different grades. As defined by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) and the International Olive Council (IOC), we have:
  2. • Virgin Olive Oil — has acidity under 2%, contains no refined oil, and has been confirmed to have good taste.
  3. • Pure Olive Oil — a blend of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil with an acidity of at most 1%.
  4. • vOlive-Pomace Oil — Produced from the remains of the production of higher- grade olive oils. Although it’s rarely found in markets, olive-pomace oil is fit for consumption and occasionally used in restaurants for cooking.
  5. • Ordinary Olive Oil — a blend of refined and virgin olive oil with an acidity of no more than 3.3%.
  6. • Extra Virgin Olive Oil — extracted from the first pressing of olives, without any heat treatment or other processing. It has an acidity of just 0.8% and rich in vitamin E. It has been judged to have a superior taste.

So, which Olive Oil should you Choose?

The answer depends on your choice and its intended use. But of all these available grades of olive oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out as the best and purest of all. In fact, the more extra virgin olive oil you take, the lower your risk of having heart disease. Although it may be a bit expensive, extra virgin olive oil is a great investment to you. If you want to buy genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oilat affordable rates, OliveOilsLand has the best available anywhere.

Every single Olive Oil produced is carefully chosen by their tasting experts for its exceptional aromas, quality, and flavor. You enjoy a wide-ranging selection of 100% first-rate, extra virgin and always fresh olive oils. Not only do they sell premium olive oils, but OliveOilsLand will also guide you on how to effectively use it.