OliveOilsLand® - Turkish Olive Oil

If you are in the search of pure Turkish Olive Oil then you have come to the right place. OliveOilsLand® is the largest producer and exporter of Turkish Olive Oilin Izmir city / Turkey and exports olive oil across different countries across the world. We have a state of the art Turkish olive old producing facility which boasts of a completely automatic and high standard production process in order ensure top-quality olive oil production. OliveOilsLand® is the first-ever inventor of the concept of ‘Bag In Box’ in which olive oil is produced and packed in a 5, 10 or 20 liters bag in box packaging and exported all over the world.

Turkish Olive Oil Production Process

The Turkish Olive Oil produced by OliveOilsLand goes through a series of production process before they are ready for export. The cold-pressing technique is used in the production process in order to ensure adherence to the standards of food safety. Complete care is taken so that the stainless steel containers do not come in contact with air and the olive oil maintains its natural taste and aroma when it is served right to your plate. The olives are picked by hand in order to maintain its virginity and purity. Proper care is taken so that there remain no branches or pieces of leaves in the olives. The critical steps involved in the production process of Turkish olive oil are mentioned below:

  • smoll-logo Picking And Washing Of Olive Leaves And Twigs
  • smoll-logo Malaxator Process
  • smoll-logo Traditional System Stone Crusher
  • smoll-logo Crushing & Grinding
  • smoll-logo Decanter
  • smoll-logo Storage Tanks and Filtration

Turkish Olive Oil Product Range by OliveOilsLand®

  • smoll-logo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO): Extra Virgin Turkish Olive Oil is the symbol of health and beauty. This olive oil is made from the finest olive and thus it symbolizes purity and originality. The olives are crushed and the juices are extracted from it with utmost care so that it maintains its originality. Extra virgin olive oil is produced from the water of the selected olives which have been handpicked in order to maintain its quality. Moreover, it also has an acidity level of 0.8 which makes it one of the top-grade olive oil.
  • smoll-logo Virgin Olive Oil (VOO): Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect choice for healthy living as itcontains less saturated fat and has a touch of fig leaves which gives it a smooth sweet taste which you will just love. VOO is produced in strict accordance with organic manufacturing standards and the best variety of olive oil is used in the production process. Production and packaging are done using traditional system and this Turkish olive oil contains an acidity level of more than 0.8% which makes it ideal for your meals.
  • smoll-logo Organic Olive Oil: Organic olive oil is produced using completely traditional methods from Aegean Olives which are organic certified and are produced without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is completely pure and there is no kind of alteration or mixing done in the production process. Organic olive oil is kept in a glass bottle in order to protect it from light and it reaches directly to the consumer in its purest form.
  • smoll-logo Pomace Olive Oil: Pomace olive oil is thebest for your cooking needs and thus it is also known as the king of the cooking olive oil. It is extremely good in quality and thus ultimate choice of the food industry across the world. It adds a wonderful flavor in the food and contains a lot of oleic acids. It also contains antioxidants and other essential bioactive compounds which has tremendous health benefits. This cooking oil is the purest form of olive oil and it contains no chemicals or industrial refining. Pomace olive oil is widely used in cooking due to its natural flavor and all sort of vital health benefits.
  • smoll-logo Pure Olive Oil: Nothing can be better than pure olive oil which symbolizes purity and quality. It is also known as the king of the olive oil and made up of a mixture of refined olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. It is free from any kind of additives and has a fresh and light flavor which you will definitely love. It has a maximum acidity level of 1.5% and produced from the best quality Turkish Olives which signifies health and beauty. It is also known as Riviera in the Turkish market and can be used as an indispensable part of your meals or salads.
  • smoll-logo Flavored Infused Olive Oil: This is a kind of flavored Turkish olive oil which can be best used in fresh green salads or pasta toss. It can be also taken with red meat, white meat, seafood, and vegetables. This is prepared by a special process where all the organic natural flavors are blended with medium intensity extra virgin olive oils in order to get the best results. Natural flavor is also added for better taste and aroma.
  • smoll-logo Refined Olive Oil: As the name suggests it is totally refined olive oil without any additives or any change in its natural structure. It has a maximum acidity level of 0.3% and extremely light and odorless in nature which makes it perfect for using in fries.
  • smoll-logo Turkish Table Olives: Turkish table olives from the house of OliveOilsLand are perhaps the best you can get. These olives are grown in Izmir in the finest table olives production center and are delivered to the customers maintaining quality of highest standards. The olives are free from any kind of preservatives or additives which makes it completely natural and healthy to consume. Fermentation is done with the help of plain salt and water and no chemical are involved in the entire process.

The Benefits of Using Turkish Olive Oil

  • Olive oil contains healthy monounsaturated fats.
  • Olive oil prevent strokes
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Beneficial for Alzheimer's Disease
  • Olive Oil contains anti-cancer properties
  • Turkish olive oil contains a lot of antioxidants
  • Olive oil is extremely beneficial for heart disease
  • Olive oil prevents obesity and weight gain
  • It reduces type 2 diabetes
  • Olive oil contains anti-bacterial properties.

Turkish Olive Oil is extremely beneficial for our health and well-being and
OliveOilsLand produces and exports the best quality olive oil across different
countries in the world.