We work with the biggest Brands all over the world , produce their Private Label Olive Oils and Table Olives; improve their introductions and have experience about creating famous brands ,catalogue ,etc … We both produce your private label and create your brand
In our Olive Oils and Table Olives Factory ,we have design department they work for our clients ,try to create new brands,logo, catalogue and then combine your their Private label Olive Oils and Table Olives and brands ... their Private Label Olive Oils and Table Olives Manufacturing is our job ...
At the end of the process ,you have brand like the biggest Food Brands …. just inform us your private label sticker and Brands which you want and let us produce for you.

We would like you choose any glass bottle with their model names ;left step is our job to produce your Private Label .In addition to that , We are First inventor of 10 – 15 – 20 Kg Bag in Box Packaging for Olive Oils All Over the World .Especially, 10 – 15 – 20 Kg Bag in Box Packaging for Olive Oil is preferred by Catering Companies , Restaurants , Pizza Chain Restaurants ,Delicatessens, Convenience Food Factories . That is mean , we can fill all sorts of Olive Oils and Table Olives intoTin , Glass Bottles , Bag in Boxes , Plastic Bags , Pet Bottles behind of your label.
Our Private Label Department is independent in the Company They work with our export department efficiently ; Both Departments also are controlled by OliveOilsLand® Head Quarter members .To sum up , We produce and export for you .
The Olive Oil in private labels for distributors, large retail chains, wholesalers, independently-owned retailers, manufacturers, specialty stores, restaurants, hotels .....
OliveOilsLand® provides its customers with a private label service. It is an invitation for those who wish to market and launch their own exclusive brand and distinguish it by diversifying products with a wide price range that offers many advantages such as:

High profitability since our products are available in different price ranges, allowing you to have more competitive retail prices with the level of profitability that you want to keep.
Total control of the value chain (from the harvest to packaging).
Products of quality and verified traceability.
Certified products, certified origin - Strengthen loyalty of your products.
Marketing assistance and development of your products.
Customized products according to your quality requirements and needs with your logos and references.


After the cleaning of the olive fruits in modern continuous systems, the fruits reach to the crusher systems with the help of the elevator (conveyor belt) and these systems are produced in two different ways. Disc-shaped and Hammer-shaped ones.With the help of metal protrusions between the two mutually round metal surfaces, the disc-crushers break the olive fruits between them. Since too many olives enter the crusher constantly, the energy released from the high speed is passed as heat to the olive paste

Since the friction of the surface is high, the heating will be rapid. Particularly in busy environments, disc breakers can wear out and where they wear, the residues accumulate, at the same time, it can cause defective metal taste in the oil. Even if their disadvantage is heating up, their high efficiency and usefulness are the reasons that make them rewarding.Hammer crushers are for crushing the olive fruits entering into the crusher and turn them into olive paste while spinning. The heads of the crushers are similar to hammers, they provide crushing process, Compared to the vertical breakers, conversion of the energy to heat is less.

They are the most often preferred crusher systems. However, over time the breaker heads can be worn out every year and should be checked for cleaning and make replacemensWhichever type of crusher is used (stone crushers, disc-crushers, hammer crushers) and the connected sieves, maintenance and cleaning must be done. Uncleaned and untreated crushers will create a defect in our oils and will affect quality negatively. The diameters of the crusher and sieves and the rotational speeds will affect the aromatic components of the Olive Oil.

Our OliveOilsLand® branded Olive Oils, which are produced with cold pressing technique in our facility where the food safety standards are protected at the highest level and in stainless steel tanks contact with air, feels pleasant in your palate with its unique taste. A natural extra virgin olive oil with a high content of vitamins, aroma, polyphenols and antioxidants is obtained by storing under nitrogen gas and bottling away from light and oxygen. Quality control activities are planned and developed in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System in all processes from harvest to reaching consumer.