It is impossible for our Olives to contain leaves or branch pieces. Our olives are collected by hand in order to reach high quality and healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. However, when the olive fruits collected by machines and sticks, the Olive leaves and the top fine parts of the drying branches can be found in the mixture. If you do not want these components to adversely affect the quality of the oil we produce, we must purify the olive fruits from leaves and branches with the help of 1 or 2 absorbent fans depending on the harvest while the olives fall in the bunker before the washing system are carried by the elevator. The difference of OliveOilsLand® quality starts standing out in the first stage of production.
Especially in the dry seasons, the dried end twigs are mixed between the olives, it is observed that absorbing fans can not clean the twigs since they are at the same weight as the olive fruit , we are setting a double fan system after pre-eliminating. We know that our quality is in details and we pay attention to these small details from the first stages of harvest.

It is a fact that the mixing of dry twigs and leaves with the olive paste will cause the oil to be defective. The olive twigs mixed with the olive paste will give the taste of wood. When the leaves mix it gives green color, even though it can be seen an advantage at the beginning, dissolving of color pigments (Chlorophyll) with the effect of light affects the fatty acids and it will cause spoilage of our oil. These small nuances highlight the quality of Turkish Olive Oil. Washing water has an important place in converting the olive fruit into high quality and healthy Natural Olive Oil.The pH, temperature and cleanliness of the washing water can create barriers in our way to High Quality Olive Oil.By analyzing the groundwater used in washing, we adjust the effect of the ph degree and prevent the negative effects of the water mixing the olive fruits and the crusher and naturally with the paste.

After olive leaves are transferred to the washing tank, the leaves and branches are cleaned, the temperature, ph degree and pollution of the water are monitored, we work with a sprinkling (raining) system when the olives go into the mesh before they go into the crusher. Even after the last sprinkling process, we use a double fan cold drying system to prevent any remaining water.We make sure the olives are cleaned before sending them to the crusher and we reduce the contact with water as much as possible. We make use of our vertical decanters, which they use a dehydrated process to make sure that the phenol components and antioxidants in the olive paste come into contact with water and then disappear during the decomposition process in the decanter. Thus, while reaching the most healthy and high quality olive oil, we also help protect the environment by reducing the olive black water.