Pomace Olive Oil

Our OliveOilsLand® Branded Olive Oils, which are produced with Cold pressing technique in our facility where the food safety standards are protected at the highest level and in stainless steel tanks contact with air, feels pleasant in your palate with its unique taste. It is also called The Aegean Olive Oil's Flavour among the people

A natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a high content of vitamins, aroma, polyphenols and antioxidants is obtained by storing under nitrogen gas and bottling away from light and oxygen. Quality control activities are planned and developed in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System in all processes from harvest to reaching consumer.

Our Olive Oil that we produce under the brand of OliveOilsLand® which is Turkey’s Leading Manufacturer of Olive Oil Company

When you smell it, you will feel freshly mown grass, green almonds, almonds, green apples, green stem of the tomato, green banana peel, artichoke and pea, it smells like a perfume, a smell that makes you happy.

You can feel a harshness and bitterness of almond or green olives or apple seed on the sides of your tongue when you take a sip and swish it over your tongue and palate.

Burning sensation like black pepper bitterness will be felt in your throat, and this burning doesn’t go down to your esophagus. All these features are the difference of our Olive Oil.


Pomace Olive Oil: It is particularly preferred by the food industry. It adds flavor to the food. It is rich in oleic acid, and contains antioxidants and other bioactive compounds with potentially beneficial properties for health. It is used as Cooking Olive Oil


The Olive Pomace Is Collected: The pomace is the dry pulp of the olive that remains after the olive is crushed into a paste and the first spin is completed producing Extra Virgin and Virgin Olive Oil. However, the leftover pomace still has oil in it, similar to how clothes are still wet after they go through the spin cycle in the washer. The Oil Is Extracted: A solvent, typically hexane, is added to the pomace, and the oil is extracted. Then the solvent is removed. The resulting oil is known as raw or crude it. Pomace Oil Is Refined: The oil is refined to create a mild taste and color. The refining process has a number of different steps, reviewed in more detail below

Purification / Neutralization

This initial phase of the refining process purifies the oil to eliminate excess acidity and makes it neutral. The oil passes through latest-generation centrifuges, which separate the oil from any olive sediment. The oil is also allowed to settle, allowing olive sediment and particles to gravitate towards the bottom of a cone shaped tank and be removed. This helps avoid any cloudiness in the oil.


This process involves the removal of natural waxes from the neutral oil that may cause it to cloud or even freeze at low temperatures. To achieve this, the oil is cooled and slowly mixed: the crystals formed during the slow mixing are separated by the traditional method of decanting, leaving the remaining oil bright and clear.

Color Clarification

Refined it has a consistent color, due to a natural bleaching process that’s performed. The oil is warmed and bleaching earth (a type of clay) or activated carbon is used to filter the oil. In the process, any dark plant pigments are absorbed and the remaining oil is a characteristic yellow-green hue.


Steam is mixed with the oil. This stage of the process creates a light odor and taste, giving the finished product no smell, and a bland yet slightly almondy taste. After the final refining step, olive pomace oil is stored in opaque and airtight storage – flexi, IBC tanks or tin, bag in box and then shipped around the world.

Pomace Olive Oil is one of the best Edible Cooking - Frying Oils

Pomace Olive Oil gets its name from the "pomace" of the olive. Pomace Olive Oil has a place with the olive tree family and is the second-best vegetable oil, after Olive Oil, in any of its assortments. Pomace Olive Oil is called Cooking Olive Oil among the people , is rich in oleic corrosive and contains cancer prevention agents and other bioactive mixes with conceivably gainful properties for wellbeing.

Its quality makes Pomace Olive Oil appropriate for use with a more prominent number of seared nourishments than different oils. And without changing the properties of sustenance, which makes Cooking Olive Oil a very significant item for the neighborliness business and the sustenance business, as it ensures broiled sustenance that are brilliant, light,fresh, and scrumptious.

Pomace Olive Oil is created by means of a feasible extraction procedure of 2-phase decantersand the refining of the crude Pomace Olive Oil delivered by this extraction. This procedure closes when the refined Pomace Olive Oil is mixed or blended with a little extent of extra virgin or virgin olive oil.

This is the means by which we accomplish the best Pomace Olive Oil. OliveOilsLand® is the great producer of Pomace Olive Oil. Its oil contains a huge number of health benefits for your body. We have a well-known Pomace Olive Oil Company in Turkey which delivers original Cooking Olive Oil throughout the World.

Numerous elegant plans enlivened in our kitchens require profound fricasseeing or pan-searing. However, while we healthily treasure the taste, our wellbeing could fall prey to the unsafe impacts it might take off.

With cooking oils like vegetable oils or hydrogenated oil, we risk contracting numerous medical issues as they raise the all-out blood cholesterol level and the 'Terrible' cholesterol level.

Dislike we would altogether be able to get rid of oil in our sustenance. Rather, we can pick the correct sort of cooking oil that takes into account our every need and turns into a confided in the partner in our kitchens.

Consequently, Cooking Olive Oil like Pomace Olive Oil turns into the more advantageous pick as it has traits like high:

  • Monounsaturated unsaturated fat, MUFA
  • trans-fat free
  • high smoking point
  • low retaining quality
  • high oxidative dependability
  • better spreadability
  • and light in nature.

Sustenance arranged in cooking oil with rich Monosaturated unsaturated fat substance decreases the danger of contracting cardiovascular maladies and bosom malignant growth on the grounds that MUFA ( Monounsaturated unsaturated fat ) , otherwise called 'great fat' does not get kept in blood vessel dividers.

Studies propose that Cooking Olive Oil frames a dainty outside that shields the sustenance from engrossing oil during profound broiling.

Low Absorbing Quality

The low engrossing nature of Pomace Olive Oil makes it the quintessential cooking oil, which is both sound and savvy. There are ponders which demonstrate that Cooking Olive Oil is expended only 1/third as contrasted and different edible oils (for example refined sunflower oil, refined soybean oil, rice grain oil) while planning good culinary.

High Smoking Point

The Cooking Olive Oil that can withstand a lot of higher temperatures, contrasted with others, is the perfect decision. We ought to pick Cooking Olive Oil with a high smoking point. At the point when the Cooking Olive Oil is warmed to its smoking point, its dietary properties get decimated and it can once in a while produce possibly hurtful substances. Cooking Olive Oil with high smoking point holds regular nutritive mixes for longer timeframes, notwithstanding during profound singing.

Perfect for Cooking

Pomace Olive Oil with high oxidative steadiness is perfect for cooking. It has been demonstrated that Cooking Olive Oil has high oxidative dependability at temperatures as high as 230 C . And it doesn't respond with oxygen when warmed, which is great as it doesn't frame any unsafe mixes when presented to high warmth.

Pomace Olive Oil with better spreadability makes for delightful flavors.

In this way, everything comes down to the requirement for a solid cooking medium, which is the way to appreciating our preferred wonderful treats for a long time without blame. By settling on the cognizant decision in the kitchen, we are guaranteeing the prosperity of our friends and family.

Pomace Olive Oil is the most reduced evaluation of olive oil. It has the least expensive expense in contrast with different evaluations. The distinction in cost between Cooking Olive Oil and virgin is in reality quite enormous. This implies if getting the most minimal cost is a high need for you, pomace ought to be close to the highest priority on your rundown of oils to consider.

Pomace Olive Oil is delivered from the mash and remaining substance of the olives after the principal press is finished making extra virgin olive oil. Despite the fact that it's a lower evaluation of oil that utilizes the "extra" oil in the olive remains, it is still created from olives. OliveOilsLand’s Cooking Olive Oil is one of the most well-respected oils on the planet. Regardless of whether it is a lower evaluation of oil Pomace Olive Oil is still superior to anything a significant number of the choices out there in the market. It is the best oil that helps you keep yourself healthy.


  • small-logoThe product should be in a dark glass bottle. It must be stayed away from transparent glass bottles and especially pet packaged products. It has been reported in recent years that it solves the chemicals combining pet packaging's, and the chemicals passes into it and is harmful to human health. In addition, light passing through the transparent glass bottles to the it causes chlorophy to break down.
  • small-logoMake sure that the lid of the product packaging you buy is sealed and screwed. Corks let air in and the Pomace Olive Oil contacting the air (oxygen) spoils by oxidation.
  • small-logoDo not choose to buy the product depending on the color, the color of the oil does not determine the quality, oils that are added oil-soluble chlorophy or food coloring can mislead you.
  • small-logo If the product you buy is directly exposed to sunlight on the market shelves, do not opt for it. It that is exposed to the sunlight spoils by oxidation very quickly and smells bad.
  • small-logo Do not buy product without reading the label, look for it the date of production or harvest, date of bottling, expiration date, geographical indication, type of Olives and region.
  • small-logo Remember that the it should be consumed fresh, spoils as it stays, and its healthy phenolic components are lost. Buy a new Pomace Olive Oil every season, It can lose their first day quality even under very special storage conditions.
  • small-logo It can freeze below +4 C degree, some it may freeze later due to its phenolic components of different types. Freezing of it is not considered a purity criterion.
  • small-logo Select the packaging of the product to be purchased depending on your consumption, if you do not consume it in a short time, prefer small packages (250 ml 500 ml 750 ml 1000 ml); Do not open a second air hole in the cans for an easy flow when using large packages. If you have the opportunity, you can use it by dividing it into five 1 lt of dark glass bottles.
  • small-logo Store the product you bought in a dark, cool and moisture-free environment. Do not place near products such as soap, detergent etc. It absorbs and traps the odors very quickly. Storage temperature should be between 18C - 22C.
  • small-logo Check the label and packaging of the product you are purchasing, and please do not buy the products with a hole and leaking packaging.
  • small-logo In recent years, Unfiltered is Pomace Olive Oil put in bottles, the Cooking Olive Oil with Unfiltered Olive particles spoils more quickly, does not last for a long time. Among these particles, there are flesh, black water and seed remains of the Olive fruit. The remaining black water has oxygen in it and oxygen, i.e air starts fermentation process in the mixture, and the oil loses its virgin oil properties by emitting bad smells.
  • small-logo The factors that harms the, it respectively;
    A – Light B – Air C – Temperature D - Water or moisture
    Consume the product you have bought from these factors.
  • small-logo Separate the products you buy, you can consume it from different regions in your salads, meals, desserts and pies. In particular, you should consume Pomace Olive Oils raw, while you go for Northern Aegean it in the salads, cakes, pies and appetizers, and you may consume the southern Aegean, Mediterranean and Southeast Anatolian region's Olive Oils in your light olive oil dishes. You can easily use it in your fried dishes.
  • small-logo It should smell like fresh fruit, contrary to the belief, foods made with pure it do not be heavy and do not smell bad. Stale, pulpy and adulterated oils smell strong
  • small-logo When you start to cook your meal, start with a spoon of Olive Oil, remove the heat from cooked food and let it cool, after it becomes cooler, add the rest of the Olive Oil. Especially when you prefer this method for stuffed leaves and peppers, you will see that your meals are much more delicious.
  • small-logo Olive Oil Products with OliveOilsLand® and it is regularly checked and analyzed by the food control laboratories of the ministry of agriculture and village affairs. You may find a respondent when you find out the product you buy is spoilt, please get contact with us info@oliveoilsland.com


We classify the Olive Oil that we produce based on the amount, type and degree of acidity and put it into Chromium Nickel Tanks for sedimentation of the pulp and fill the tanks with nitrogen to prevent the contact with air. In addition to this, we do climatization in the area where the storage tanks are located and we stabilize the temperature between 18C - 22C. Moreover, the conical structure of the tanks and the ambient temperature are very important factors for the rapid sedimentation process. Furthermore, we do climatization in our stocking warehouses. Nitrogen gas is used to prevent the spoilage of It.