Our OliveOilsLand® branded Olive Oils, which are produced with Cold pressing technique in our facility where the food safety standards are protected at the highest level and in stainless steel tanks contact with air, feels pleasant in your palate with its unique taste. It is also called The Aegean Olive Oil's Flavour among the people

A natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a high content of vitamins, aroma, polyphenols and antioxidants is obtained by storing under nitrogen gas and bottling away from light and oxygen. Quality control activities are planned and developed in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System in all processes from harvest to reaching consumer.

Our Olive Oil that we produce under the brand of OliveOilsLand® which is Turkey’s Leading Manufacturer of Olive Oil Company

When you smell it, you will feel freshly mown grass, green almonds, almonds, green apples, green stem of the tomato, green banana peel, artichoke and pea, it smells like a perfume, a smell that makes you happy.

You can feel a harshness and bitterness of almond or green olives or apple seed on the sides of your tongue when you take a sip and swish it over your tongue and palate.

Burning sensation like black pepper bitterness will be felt in your throat, and this burning doesn’t go down to your esophagus. All these features are the difference of our olive oil.


Refined Olive Oil : It without any additives and without changing its natural structure. The acidity is maximum 0.3%. Our it is very light and odorless. It is healthier to use Olive Oil in fries. For your health You can use our quality product.


It initially are processed the same way as extra virgin – but they undergo additional processing to remove any chemical or sensory flaws that would otherwise make the oil unfit for sale.
High temperatures or chemicals are used in the process, and the it is made odorless, colorless, and tasteless. It typically are blended with a small portion of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to provide some flavor, aroma and color.
Refining is a more intricate process using acids, alkalis, steam and other agents
Below is a closer look at the various steps involved in the refining process, depending on what elements the refiner wants to “clean out.”


Also known as water refining, the oil is treated with hot water, steam, or water mixed with acid. The oil is then spun in a high-speed centrifuge. Healthful polyphenols are removed along with gummy phospholipids, a class of lipids that are a key component of cell membranes.


The oil is treated with caustic soda, or lye, an inorganic compound. Color is removed along with undesirable free fatty acids.


Using an acid bleaching process, the oil is heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Pigments are removed.

Winterization - Deodorization

The oil is quickly chilled, solidified, and then filtered, removing solid matter such as waxes
The oil is heated to a temperature of 300 degrees to 500 degrees F, and steam is used to remove disagreeable tastes and aromas

OliveOilsLand ® - One Of The Biggest Refined Olive Oil Exporters

Refined Olive Oil is one of the numerous great oil items which we offer. The Turkish are acclaimed in their utilization of Refined Olive Oil on a huge scale in their diet. And if we take a gander at them and assess their eating regimen, we would decidedly need to close without concentrate that Refined Olive Oil – OliveOilsLand ® is exceptionally profitable for the human body.

Refined Olive Oil can be utilized in cooking and is generally excellent for some physical issues and sicknesses. It can be taken inside for inward wellbeing and we suggest taking a limited quantity every day ideal out of the container.

Refined Olive Oil-OliveOilsLand ® contains more supplements and the characteristic things which make it great. You need to utilize it all the time to understand the advantages that it offers you. In the event that you need to truly assess what it does to support you; we recommend that you keep up a journal.

You ought to likewise utilize an activity routine. Try not to stress over attempting to be Superman simply be reliable. It is a fat; however, it is made out of monounsaturated unsaturated fats which are useful for the human body. These unsaturated fats are solid dietary fat and can bring down destructive cholesterol while they raise the degrees of the great.

IT serves to bring down the danger of heart disappointment. You can perceive how to increase the impact of this item with ordinary exercise. When you apply both you get a joined impact which is exponentially superior to utilizing only one item. This is called cooperative energy.

Refined Olive Oil additionally assists with insulin generation on account of a portion of the advantageous substance exacerbates that it contains. In case, if you are diabetic or a marginal diabetic, we are certain that you can see the advantage that you will get from the normal utilization of this item.

It likewise encourages the human body to create calming hormones which make it a decent item to use in the avoidance of asthma and joint pain. Indeed, recollect that you have to utilize it all the time.

You can utilize Refined Olive Oil in different ways remotely, however, before we talk about them let me state that it would be a very solid practice to supplant the cooking oil that you use now with Refined Olive Oil. It offers you a solid elective when utilized for browning sustenance.

Refined Olive Oil can and is utilized in many cooking applications other than broiling sustenance and as fixing in a wide range of plans.

IT is a fantastic oil to use for dry skin. There are various approaches to apply it to the skin and it has hostile to oxidizing mixes which help to shield the skin from maturing.

One famous approach to utilize It is to apply a couple of drops to your shower water to use during your shower or you can apply it quickly following your shower or shower.

It tends to be utilized in all aspects of the human body to incorporate the hands, scalp, feet, nails, hair, and lips. In the event that you need to utilize it to mellow unpleasant feet apply it during the evening and wear a couple of socks.

Sound digestion assumes an extraordinary job in the improvement of your wellbeing. As this is an incredible metabolic enhancer, you should find a way to pick the best for your wellbeing. The brand, fabricating procedure, model, fixings, and applicable data will enable you to agree to the best item.

Refined Olive Oil traits heart wellbeing and high future. It tends to be utilized for individual consideration also. You can apply the Refined Olive Oil to treat all skin types. There will be a characteristic appearance just as the alleviating impact with the utilization of this.

The nearness of cancer prevention agents will keep you youthful and vigorous. Nutrient E has an extraordinary enemy of maturing properties. The skin will be shielded from UV beams. The skin harm will be counteracted with the ordinary utilization of items which are made with this. It is all because of the use of Refined Olive Oil.

Further, It has calming properties. The danger of weight will be decreased, and you will most likely oversee sound with no issues. It will be processed in all respects effectively, and clogging can be maintained a strategic distance from. In the event that you take two tablespoons of Refined Olive Oil on an unfilled stomach, the blockage can be captured.

There are sure oils, for example, low cholesterol cooking oil that doesn't represent any danger to heart wellbeing. It is one such heart-accommodating fluid that keeps up ideal cholesterol levels. With the simple utilization of Refined Olive Oil in cooking, heart ailments can be avoided as much as possible and one can appreciate irreproachable eating without making a big deal about medical problems.

Refined Olive Oil is known to lessen cholesterol level. The cholesterol is one of the variables that reason tightening influences in veins prompting ascending in circulatory strain and poor blood move through these. This limitation in veins is the primary driver of cardiovascular issues.

Olive fluid decreases everyday calorie consumption. The calorie score of sustenance when not set off with the working out prompts an expansion in body weight. The calorie score, in this way, should be checked by utilizing Refined Olive Oil, so the eating routine control plans can be pursued without starving thoughtlessly.

Refined Olive Oil causes a lessening in oxidative pressure markers and causes an expansion of HDL levels which on the whole gives more assurance to the heart. The right heart capacity can be kept up ideally with the assistance of Refined Olive Oil cooking.


We classify the Olive Oil that we produce based on the amount, type and degree of acidity and put it into Chromium Nickel Tanks for sedimentation of the pulp and fill the tanks with nitrogen to prevent the contact with air. In addition to this, we do climatization in the area where the storage tanks are located and we stabilize the temperature between 18C - 22C. Moreover, the conical structure of the tanks and the ambient temperature are very important factors for the rapid sedimentation process. Furthermore, we do climatization in our stocking warehouses. Nitrogen gas is used to prevent the spoilage of it.